Once Eponymous

by The Mumbles

Released 2008
Released 2008
A Brooklyn, NY-based three piece: vintage keyboards, drums, and female voice. They blend singer-songwriter psychedelia with jazzy grit. Asses will shake as life-affieming mantras are repeated.
The Mumbles are a Brooklyn, NY-based three-piece-- a tiny band with a mighty sound. Using two keyboards, drum kit, and a female voice, they combine soul music with avant and old time jazz to create "pop songs in the key of partying down" (Time Out New York).

Keysman Keith Burnstein and drummer Ethan Shorter met in the rhythm section of a 14 piece hip hop orchestra, soon striking out on their own in late 2006 to write tunes that would become Mumbles mainstays. As a duo, the boys distilled songs to their essence, rounding out their sound with the subsequent addition of vocalist Meredith Claire. Burnstein heard Claire sing at an open mic night in 2007, and was so impressed that he asked her to join the Mumbles on the spot.

As a trio, the band delights in a dynamic that "...marries the bedroom intimacy of a singer-songwriter, with the expansive musical prowess of a psych jazz outfit" (Seven Days Vermont). After the completion of their first record, "Once Eponymous", in 2008, The Mumbles have been touring the East Coast on the heels of a national AAA radio campaign, with fine stations nation wide playing the disc in heavy rotation. Critics have called the break-out single, 'Bite-Size (Brawn w/ Brio)', "Lounge music for the super-hip" (Roanoke Times) with a vibe that is "...equal parts Tom Waits gruffness and Woody Allen pathos" (The L Magazine).

During breaks in their travels, The Mumbles recorded a follow-up EP, entitled "Muddy Mantras", which will be out in July 2009. After that, it's back out on the road with gigs on the West Coast, New Orleans,The Deep South, and a month-long East Coast run in August. The band's newest mantra: "Speak softly and learn how to change a tire".